The Special Security Unit (SSU) is one of the specialized units of the Sindh Police with its distinctive operational characteristics i.e. it performs security and counterterrorism functions simultaneously yet with remarkable precision, accuracy and professionalism. On 18-10-2010, materializing the vision of the then President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, the SSU came into existence as a specialized security unit. It started with the mandate of providing security to Important Personalities and Vital Installations. However, with increasing challenges and risks to peace and Important Personalities and vital installation’s security, the role of the SSU has been growing to accommodate the arising security and counterterrorism needs of Sindh Police. Owing to dynamic leadership, dedicated staff and professional innovative approach towards contemporary issues, the SSU is known as the bright face of Sindh Police.

The SSU keeps on enhancing its operational capacity and capability in order to meet emerging challenges efficiently and effectively. It has pioneered in introducing first ever Specialized Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team in Pakistan. The Unit maintains strict set of standards for induction in the SSU, be it selection of serving police personnel or recruitment of fresh candidates. The screening of candidates through National Testing System (NTS) is one of such examples that the SSU has also pioneered to uphold merit and transparency. The unit befittingly compensates the strenuous services of its personnel and keeps their motivation level high through one of the most handsome salary packages. Starting with 1000 personnel, the SSU has kept growing to evolving security needs and now its strength stands at 3000 with prospective increase to 4000 in the near future.

Serving with the motto “PROUD TO PROTECT”, the SSU has become a role model for specialized units particularly those tasked with the security and counterterrorism responsibilities. Mr. Maqsood Ahmed is heading the SSU as Commandant SSU. Due to his innovative and dynamic leadership, he has also been assigned the command of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Elite Police Training Center (SBBEPTC), Razzakabad,.Karachi. (www.elitesindhpolice.gos.pk) Capitalizing on his dual command, he has developed Promise of Peace Project (www.promiseofpeace.gos.pk) for which the SSU and SBBEPTC are serving as the foundation.



The SSU started with a sanctioned strength of 1453 and initially suitable police personnel were selected from existing police establishments. In 2013, after getting the strength increased to 2100, the SSU carried out recruitment against newly created vacancies. The process of selection and recruitment was made transparent and fair to the fullest extent. Notwithstanding, in a bid to make the recruitment process more transparent and merit-based, in the following recruitments screening of candidates was carried out through National Testing Service (NTS). In order to achieve boosted motivation and morale, salaries were raised by adding special unit-specific allowances to make salary package one of the highest in Pakistan.

Both selected and recruited police personnel are subjected to intensive training programs including modern anti-terrorist training. The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) course has been mandatory to all its personnel. Owing to robust and innovative leadership of AIGP Maqsood Ahmed, the SSU now holds not only the best human resources but also the sophisticated weaponry, equipment and vehicles. The Unit puts together the best resources for security and counterterrorism operations with modern security motorcade as its most distinctive feature.

AIGP Maqsood Ahmed has a passion for public service and an ambition to help the helpless in the society. For this reason, he expanded the function of SSU from Important Personalities and Vital Installations security to certain public service measures including but not limited to conduct of Hostile Environment

Awareness Training (HEAT) program. This program sensitizes general public, professionals, students, teachers, etc. on existing peace-threatening situations and builds their self-defense capability in hostile conditions.

As SSP Security in Capital City Police, Karachi, it has always been the ambition of SP Maqsood Ahmed to set up a specialized security unit which is not only capable to execute the security operations effectively and efficiently but also an inspiration for change in the existing police culture. The increasing terrorism and entailing risks to Important Personalities and general public have also been the impetus for making the creation of a specialized security unit an indispensable measure for a viable solution to security concerns. Consequently, on 07 07-2010, Special Security Unit was established by upgrading Security-I. The post of SP Security-I was renamed as AIGP Security Sindh and placed under the Inspector General of Police, Sindh.