The SSU strictly adheres to the policy of merit, transparency, nondiscrimination and fairness in the recruitment. In implementing this policy in letter and spirit, the SSU takes all necessary steps from advertisement of vacancies to final selection. The importance of strict measures lies in the fact that the SSU personnel are normally required to undergo vigorous physical training to become a commando. The following explains the action the SSU takes to achieve this objective:

  • Vacant positions are advertised in all leading newspapers and in all languages spoken in Sindh Province.
  • Ordinarily application forms are issued and accepted for further processing at Range level making it easy for candidate from remote areas to participate in the recruitment process.
  • All candidates without exception are issued application forms containing their snaps taken at application issue counter.
  • The application forms of only eligible candidates meeting the prescribed physical standards are accepted for further processing.
  • All eligible candidates are informed of their registration for selection examinations.
  • The screening of candidates for the next phase of selection is carried out through National Testing Service (NTS) test. Only successful candidates are considered for further assessments.
  • The candidates making it to the second phase are tested for their physical fitness requiring completion of certain distance within stipulated time and pushups. Only successful candidates are considered for further assessments.
  • In the third phase of selection, the candidates are subjected to psychological assessment. Again, only successful candidates are invited for the interview.
  • The candidates qualifying psychological test are interviewed to check their competency and suitability for the position. Only successful candidates are considered for recruitment subject to issue of medical fitness certificate by Police Hospital.
  • The character verification of the candidates declared medically fit is carried out through his area police station and Special Branch.
  • The educational and professional transcripts produced by candidates with their application forms are verified through concerned institution.
  • Finally, the successful candidates are issued appointment letters and sent for induction training followed by Anti-Terrorist and VVIP Protection Courses.