Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept whereby organizations integrate social and environmental concerns in their operations and interactions with society. CSR is generally understood as being the way through which an organization achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives, while addressing the expectations of society.

In the wake of increasing terrorism and prevailing volatile law and order situation, the safety and security of students and media personnel have become a major concern. Realizing the vulnerability of civilian professional groups in certain situations, Mr. Maqsood Ahmed, Commandant SSU, conceived the idea of providing training to educational institutions and professional organizations.

The SSU in cooperation with the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Elite Police Training Center (SBBEPTC), Razzakabad, now conducts a training program “Hostile Environment Awareness Training” (HEAT) which is aimed at sensitizing civilians from many walks of life on the threats existing in particular situations as well as measures to mitigate vulnerability and consequential risks to their life and property. The aims and objectives of this training are;

1) To improve participants’ knowledge of multiple threats, present in hostile field environments and of ways and means of dealing with them in an effective manner.

2) To rehearse and practice safety and security procedures according to specific threats. The course includes both practical and theoretical training on following topics:

  • Awareness of threats, risks, and personal security
  • Surprise element, inside / outside compound
  • Safety and security procedures for vehicle movement
  • Management of threats related to protests and riots
  • Kidnapping, hostage taking, hostage survival
  • Awareness about Weapon and mines
  • First aid medical training
  • Threat Risk & Mitigation
  • Vehicle Safety & Security
  • Practical arms firing training