Welcome to the web site of Special Security Unit (SSU) that is the work of our officers and men. The browsing on this web site will bring up to you the written and pictorial overview of special functions the SSU performs towards maintaining peace and security and in the service of community.

The SSU is committed to provide the best services entirely to the satisfaction of its clients. Oftentimes, you will not see the SSU in the picture, but you rest assure that almost all of current counterterrorism operations have active human and logistical input from the SSU. With our exceptionally professional, skilled and dedicated commandos as well as state-of-the-art technological equipment and weapons, we strive to deliver with excellence in every task the SSU is entrusted with. We aim not only to maintain but also to raise the standard and quality of our services for the maintenance and even betterment of peace and security in the city.

I invite you to browse the SSU web site to know more about the Unit and its various services. Please do leave your feedback to help us improve and make this web site more user-friendly, informative, interactive, and attractive.

Thank you for interest in the SSU web site.

Proud to Protect!

Maqsood Ahmed TI, PSP

Deputy Inspector General of Police

Security and Emergency Division, Karachi